About Innovation Island

As the regional driver for accelerating business success through scientific innovation and technology, Innovation Island supports technology-based companies to grow and succeed. We are committed to creating a vibrant and entrepreneurial regional technology community.

REGIONAL IMPACT STATS....we have advised over 100 companies and hosted 95 events that trained 2,500+ entrepreneurs. Our Venture Acceleration Program has supported 26 companies to secure $4.1M of private investment capital, over $1.4M in Government grants and other investment, and $5.2M in new revenue. This activity has added 93 tech jobs to the regional economy.
(as at December 31, 2016)

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Foster a sense of community among technology companies and their employees throughout the region. 
Ensure programs and activities have measurable outcomes valued by the stakeholder, communities and entrepreneurs we serve. 
Strive to provide the best possible service when delivering program and events, with a focus on quality over quantity. 
Seek to collaborate with other organizations, agencies and companies to address the challenges and needs of the technology community.