Tech companies collaborate with government to improve services
November 24th 2017 at 03:18 PM
Tech companies collaborate with government to improve services

Ministry of Jobs, Trade & Technology 
News Release | November 24, 2017 

After 16 intensive weeks collaborating on projects to improve government services for British Columbians, six B.C. tech startups are showing off their work.

Tech startups participating in the Startup in Residence (STIR) pilot project were joined by Jobs, Trade and Technology Minister Bruce Ralston and government partners today during the Demonstration Day event in Vancouver – pitching unique technology solutions to challenges identified by the province.

From modernizing the way people access land-use planning information, to providing social workers with real-time available housing options for children in need, each STIR project has given the six tech startups experience working with government. This also enables them to use the government as a client reference when bidding on future contracts.

“The STIR pilot program is a win-win for the B.C. tech sector and for all British Columbians,” said Ralston. “It creates opportunities for made-in-B.C. technology companies to be partners in innovation with government to help grow their businesses, while improving government service delivery for citizens.”

As the first provincial program of its kind in Canada, the pilot brings the ideas and expertise of startup tech companies together with government business areas to rapidly solve public sector technology challenges. The program makes it easier for B.C. technology companies to do business with government.

“STIR is about challenging tech startups to help government find new solutions – B.C. startups have the skills and ideas to meet that challenge,” said Parliamentary Secretary for Technology Rick Glumac. “Procuring government work can be complicated, and this pilot project helps make it easier for smaller B.C. companies to successfully compete for government contracts.”