Current VAP Companies

Biopreme’s core technology will provide homecare patients with the versatility of a universal hypodermic syringe - but without the standard needle. Greatly reducing the fear, pain and anxiety associated with conventional needle injections, our low-cost syringe adaptor is a fully-disposable device that quickly transforms a standard hypodermic syringe into a much safer and user-friendly solution.
A forward thinking video game studio based on Vancouver Island, with an emphasis on the creation of new gaming experiences, utilizing cutting edge virtual reality & motion control technologies.
Crystal Cam offers a durable cost effective solution for hazardous or confined environments requiring inspection. We offer the ability to inspect, record, and enhance real time video at the customer’s fingertips. With the option to be used modularly or as a turnkey package our camera systems can be tailored to fit into anything from large run ROV/Robotic equipment to a one man diving operation.
We are a science and test publishing firm devoted to enriching the lives of landlords and tenants. Creating the world's first personality tests for screening tenants is an example of that. Our flexible online application forms are another example. Ultimately, our goal is to pioneer a new field of research devoted to property management, and to make available valid tools that will help practice keep up with the science.
Kitestrings is a password manager for teams, allowing account owners and managers to have a clear picture of who has access to online accounts, quickly share passwords to team members, and maintain best practices for security when personnel change. The modern computer security landscape is confusing and challenging for businesses with online accounts - Kitestrings is here to simplify it. 
Kranked Bikes makes state of the art, high performance electric mountain bikes.  Bikes that take you places you only ever dreamed of.  Ride further, faster with Kranked.
Pixelstream Communications is a technology company specializing in data transfer.  We send data over video.  We see immediate applications in targeted advertising.  Longer term we can help cable companies reduce the load on their Internet plant by sending a portion of the traffic over video plant.
Sasamat Blue develops applications for data-driven businesses that want to extend their monitoring capability to mobile devices. Our product SasInform is an integrated mobile client and hosted server solution that provides a secure, low-maintenance way to acquire, aggregate, and display key IoT and OPC data. SasInform is ready to deploy with no coding required and includes mobile applications that send alarm notifications to iOS and Android devices.
SkookumScript is the revolutionary programming language and tool suite that turbocharges video game development. Simple, powerful and easy to learn, SkookumScript allows the live creation of compelling and sophisticated gameplay with just a few lines of code. Crafted over 20 years and battle-tested on major game titles, SkookumScript transforms team composition, workflow, and the very thought process of game development. Available as a powerful turn-key plugin for the Unreal game engine, used by 20% of game developers worldwide. SkookumScript is the scripting solution for every genre of game, on every platform, everywhere.
We are working to reduce operational downtime and increase resource efficiency at activity intensive industrial sites.  Stream.vu is a solution for improving real-time situational awareness and critical event response through connecting people + data in real-time.
TNT Mineral Science Inc. processes and analyzes hyperspectral data to extract compositional information and identify target materials. 
For construction and remediation sites, Tremain Visual provides: daily timelapse video, on-site live video monitoring, super high-res 50,000 pixel wide panoramas, a daily time-lapse video portal delivery system, satellite caching units for remote locations and, when needed, secure Canada-only cloud systems – all with mission critical security and back-ups. 

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