Planning Yields Success in the Comox Valley – Business Examiner

Innovate 2030 received input from all regions and interested parties in the Comox Valley.

Innovate 2030 is the moniker for an update for their current five-year economic development strategy, a guiding master plan that will inform policy, develop clear actions and outcomes for sustainable economic growth, and suggest key strategies and business case examples for major projects over the next decade.

This time, the future focus will be on community economic development, agri-food/seafood, and technology and innovation.

“This new strategy is intended to serve as a unifying plan, spurring action to support a sustainable and growing economy through innovation and technology,” says Invest Comox Valley CEO John Watson.

“Emerging technologies, such as automation, digitization, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are now shaping and impacting local economic development opportunities and businesses across all sectors.

“When combining these disruptive technologies, together with environmental challenges and constraints, and the changing trade environment, it is clear that a new, longer term approach to economic development is required to keep pace in planning and promoting the Comox Valley.”…

Source: Planning Yields Success in the Comox Valley – Business Examiner

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