Tech Resiliency Program – (TRP) – more help for island businesses

In partnership with Innovate BC and support from Western Economic Diversification Canada, we have some NEW, specific support for innovators and tech-leaning companies called The Tech Resiliency Program (TRP). TRP is a no-cost, no-obligation initiative for established companies that want to level up their business. Or, for any business that is developing tech or “innovation-based” products or services. 

The program is open to all qualifying businesses but there are limits on the number of businesses we can serve; preference will be given to applications that clearly express specific needs/challenges that can be addressed within the next 2-3 months.

Your business might fall into agrifood-tech, health-tech, enviro-tech or similar categories or you may just be using (or interested in using) technology in your business. It all starts with a conversation to assess where your business is at and what your needs are. We’ll help you identify the best next steps, in the right order, at the right time. Chances are we’ll be able to support your business in some way.

We’ll connect you to advisors, mentors, best practices and tools designed to help you maintain and grow operations, build resiliency and prepare for a successful recovery from the economic impacts of COVID-19, all at no cost and with no commitment from you.

Our goal at Innovation Island is to help businesses build, grow and stay in our region. Over the last six years we have helped our clients achieve some pretty awesome goals. We measure client success through jobs created, revenue growth and investment dollars secured.

Our clients have created 200+ new jobs from their start up companies, generated over 27 million dollars of new revenue and secured over 21 million dollars of early-stage investment. We are proud of the achievements of our clients and the positive impact this has on our region. We’re excited to bring our expertise to the table in the TRP Program.

If you’re interested in signing up or just want some more information, submit the form located here:

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