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Cloudhead Games


A forward thinking video game studio based on Vancouver Island, with an emphasis on the creation of new gaming experiences, utilizing cutting edge virtual reality & motion control technologies.


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Harvest Miracle


Harvest Miracle is a new company that leverages a long history. For decades, agricultural scientists have engaged in extensive research on the best methods for enhancing plant growth and promoting crop protection in a natural way. We harness that research to promote growth in high value crops.


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Hyperspectral Intelligence


Hyperspectral intelligence (formally TNT Mineral Science Inc) processes and analyzes hyperspectral data to extract compositional information and identify target materials.


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Nedieon is commercializing its proprietary position sensor and motion control technologies which have autonomous operation applications for industrial vehicles. Its initial target market is the automation of golf course maintenance and greens-keeping.



We believe that a good story with strong visuals is the most powerful teaching and communication tool there is.

Winning over 10 prestigious awards, Pixton Comics was named a “leading Web 2.0 pioneer” and “one of the 20 companies driving innovation and changing the way we use the Internet” by Backbone Magazine / KPMG.


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Uncharted Research Development Incorporated

Uncharted Research and Development provides remotely operated vehicles to perform survey operations, to deploy surveillance technologies, and to service ship hull inspection systems and more.

InWater Technologies

InWater Technologies specializes in water quality monitoring solutions for the aquaculture industry.

Propeller One


Tailor-made software for aircraft owners and operators. Propeller One was created so aircraft owners and operators can focus on advancing their business and not worry about regulatory paperwork, aduits, or compliance costly systems. Propeller One is a digital cockpit-to AMO management system. It was specifically designed for small operators to power the journey log, technical records, and maintenance control. Propeller One seamlessly ties these all together to create a robust technical dispatch maintenance tracking system.


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Interactive finance and wealth planning in the cloud for everyone.

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