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Biopreme’s core technology will provide pediatric patients with the versatility of a universal hypodermic syringe - but without the standard needle. Greatly reducing a child’s fear, pain and anxiety associated with conventional needle injections, our low-cost syringe adaptor quickly transforms a standard hypodermic syringe into a much safer and user-friendly solution. Further, our unique design provides caregivers with a built-in level of safety for protection against accidental needle-stick injury and potential blood splatter.

Cloudhead Games


A forward thinking video game studio based on Vancouver Island, with an emphasis on the creation of new gaming experiences, utilizing cutting edge virtual reality & motion control technologies.


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Everything Retirement


Everything Retirement is a digital media driven platform to assist people with one of the most important transitions in life – retirement. For those preparing for or currently in retirement; this transition can be exciting and scary at the same time. One of the goals for Everything Retirement is to be the most authoritative, one-stop provider of information, insight and advice for those navigating retirement. We believe that retirement is much more than just the money, it is about you, your family and your community.


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Harvest Miracle


Harvest Miracle is a new company that leverages a long history. For decades, agricultural scientists have engaged in extensive research on the best methods for enhancing plant growth and promoting crop protection in a natural way. We harness that research to promote growth in high value crops.


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Hyperspectral Intelligence


Hyperspectral intelligence (formally TNT Mineral Science Inc) processes and analyzes hyperspectral data to extract compositional information and identify target materials.


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Kranked Bikes makes state of the art, high performance electric mountain bikes.  Bikes that take you places you only ever dreamed of.  Ride further, faster with Kranked.


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Nedieon is commercializing its proprietary position sensor and motion control technologies which have autonomous operation applications for industrial vehicles. Its initial target market is the automation of golf course maintenance and greens-keeping.



We believe that a good story with strong visuals is the most powerful teaching and communication tool there is.

Winning over 10 prestigious awards, Pixton Comics was named a “leading Web 2.0 pioneer” and “one of the 20 companies driving innovation and changing the way we use the Internet” by Backbone Magazine / KPMG.


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"Bringing data science to provider billing"

Evidently supports physicians and midwives in managing their payments from government.

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Natural Resources Training Group

Natural Resources Training Group (NRTG) is a privately-registered training agency specializing in developing and delivering quality ‘hands-on’ and in-demand natural resource-related training programs. NRTG is Canada’s leading provider of natural resource training.

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Imfingo Intelligence Inc

Interactive finance and wealth planning in the cloud for everyone.

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Approach Analytics

Approach Analytics Uses Real-Time Data to Help Organizations Manage Epidemics.

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