Have you ever been a mentor, business advisor, consultant or investor? Are you a technician, engineer, scientist, artist, photographer (or guru in any field) currently working or retired? You know what you know, and it’s probably a lot, so maybe now’s the time to give back? More or less, free or fee, this program could use your help!

If you are a subject matter expert who’s BTDT (been there done that) then this is the place for you.

DER3 5 in 1_FINAL

The Digital Economy Response Program (DER3) is a free service supported by Island Coastal Economic Trust (ICET) and powered by Innovation Island Technology Association (IITA). The program is open to individuals or businesses living or working on Vancouver Island, north of the Malahat, on the Sunshine Coast, or Gulf Islands. DER3 offers one-to-one business and technical consultations for businesses that are considering entering or expanding their online presence or putting technology-based tools in place to better serve their needs. When required, the program will also match businesses with regional service providers who can deliver contracted solutions. Please review the steps below, read our FAQ page or contact us with any questions.

  • To make this work we need to learn more about you; please complete this form.
    • All information collected will be considered strictly confidential and all program participants will be asked to acknowledge our privacy policy.
  • After a review of your information one of our program managers will contact you to discuss a possible fit with DER3. In essence, the program workflow has three primary stages.
    1. We will contact everyone who applies to the program to gain personal insights on specific challenges, requirements or opportunities and to assess various digital readiness factors.
    2. We will provide various "how-to" solutions for challenges that can be solved quickly and for more in-depth requirements we will work with our subject matter experts [group] to provide businesses with a tailored Business Action Plan (BAP) on how to address the needs or challenges presented.
    3. When fitting we will match businesses in need with business service providers who can deliver contracted solutions.
  • After business action plans have been put to work program managers will conduct follow-up meetings to ensure that core objectives are in process, or have been realized.
    • Program participants will be required to report key metrics that will be used in aggregate to determine regional outcomes and overall efficacy of DER3.