The Venture Acceleration Program (VAP)

Calling all innovators, inventors and early-stage or going-concern tech entrepreneurs. Our flagship program the BC Venture Acceleration Program (VAP) helps early-stage to mature tech, applied science and manufacturing entrepreneurs to grow their companies.  Are you:
  • A start-up with “an idea” or a basic prototype
  • A tech company or entrepreneur looking to commercialize your technology
  • Wondering if your invention or innovation has potential to go-to-market
  • Looking for investment or funding 
  • Looking for advice, guidance, coaching from experts who have “been there done that” and have significant experience building tech programs? 

Our VAP program will help you transform your tech dream into a reality by connecting you with like-minded tech experts and providing one-on-one mentorship, guidance and coaching. This program is on-going and has been offered by Innovation Island since 2013. 


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Tech Resiliency Program  (TRP)

Calling all tech and innovation startups and established companies that want to focus on levelling up their business.

Are you:

  • using technology to add value to your business (think information technology, engineering technology, software development, science and technology innovation, integrating technology into your products/services or the delivery of your products/services)
  • innovating with new products or services within your industry? Perhaps applying engineering or technology in new ways to create better products or services? 
  • looking for some guidance to adjust operations and navigate this new “normal” 

Our Tech Resiliency Program expands our existing advisory services (Venture Acceleration Program). This is a free coaching program for qualified companies which features coaching and mentoring with Subject Matter Experts and access to supporting tools and resources. The program’s focus is dedicated to help you maintain and grow operations, build resiliency, and prepare for a successful recovery. This program currently closed March 2021. Please refer to our Venture Acceleration Program

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Digital Economy Response Program (DER3)

Thank you for your interest in the DER3 Program. We have been honoured to help hundreds of businesses since the program launched in April 2020. As of September 30th, 2021 - the program has closed. We are hopeful that we received additional funding (or a similar program) to be able to continue the program into the fall and new year. 
Calling all butchers, the bakers, the candlestick makers. Are you solopreneur, small or medium business or non profit who is looking to enter or expand into the digital economy. Do you:
  • Want to make more money using digital tools?
  • Need help navigating the digital world?
  • Have some ideas on where your business should go online but would like some advice?
  • Need guidance to get digitally savvy to compete in this new world?
  • Need to figure out how to “get online” and not sure how to get started?
  • Wonder how your business is going to survive this winter?

Our DER3 Program is a no cost/no obligation program that  works with any business, non profit or solopreneur, any sector at any level of technology. It offers one-to-one business and technical consultations for businesses that are considering entering or expanding their online presence or putting technology-based tools in place to better serve their needs. Our DER3 team meets you where you are, and at your pace; guiding you to do the right things, in the right order at the right time. 


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