Workshop slide decks and exercises

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Innovation Island's workshops are well researched, the facilitators well versed, and they provide lots of resources for participants to access in their own time. Well worth attending!

~ Marilyn M.

These sessions left me inspired, with a thirst to learn more and with trust in the business building process assisted by Innovation Island.

~ Fay T.

Startup 101 gave me a wonderful overview on how to get an innovative business idea off the paper and into production. The experienced presenters were clear, realistic and gave us a great set of tools to help us move forward on our path. Great first step - now I want more!

~ Nancy C.

I come out to every workshop and am excited about what I'm doing and how to apply this information to my business. Thank you!

~ Lisa M.

Innovation Island is playing a critical role in our Island economy - helping create successful players in the tech sector and growing digital economy. These workshops helped opened my eyes to how we need to reinvent ourselves and our economy to create good paying jobs and generate economic growth in our region.

~ Tanya O.